Top tips to help stressed moms chill out

January 4, 2022

The hustle and bustle of modern life often makes it difficult to find the time to relax. If you’re feeling stressed out, anxious or depressed, don’t wait too long to find a way to chill out. This article will teach you ways to relax with some easy methods for managing your stress and taking time for yourself.

Set time aside to relax and take care of yourself

You’re a stressed out working mom, but you’re a good one. You juggle your kids and your job with skill - no one can deny that. And you feel like a success for it. But something feels off… your to-do list feels bigger than ever and the kids still need help with their homework, so there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. You’ve started to snap at people more often and you’ve been worrying about it. 

Stress can pile up, leaving you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Your family are looking to you to keep them happy and healthy, so it's important to take time out for yourself and practice good self-care . Relaxing doesn't just mean lying down and taking a break from your responsibilities. It can actually be a fun way to bond with your children as well. So don't let stress rule over your life.

Have someone else look after the kids for a couple of hours

We've all been there. It's the middle of the week, you just finished work and you really want to meet some friends for lunch but your calendar is packed. Your kids have music tuition, then art club and need to be picked up from school at 5:50pm. Then there's soccer practice at 6:00pm on another night. It can be easy to get into a routine but lose sight of the bigger milestones along the way like catching up with friends, having time to ourselves or pursuing hobbies.

So what’s the answer?  One gift for stressed moms is to let someone else look after the kids for a couple of hours. Your mom or a  trusty friend could take them off your hands. What are you going to do with all that free time! Go for a walk, or meet some friends. Do something that you've been meaning to do but never seem to have the time, like go to an art gallery or an exhibition. Or you could try things nearer to home such as spending some time in the garden planting, pruning or just enjoying some me time.

Eat nutritious food, not junk food

Maybe you’re a new mom, if so you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion. Those first few months can be tough. Maybe you’ve been through it once already, and now you have to do it all over again? It’s no wonder you might be tempted to ignore the issue of nutrition. Who has time to make a healthy meal when you barely have any energy to take care of your own needs?

It can be challenging to make sure your diet contains all the essential vitamins and minerals. Eating plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts will give your brain what it needs for good mental health. Drink plenty of water too, as this will keep you hydrated and feeling energized.

Spend time outdoors in green spaces

Another way for moms to chill out, is to get outdoors more. Research has shown that spending time outdoors in green spaces helps our physical health and mental wellbeing.

There’s nothing to beat Spending time in the peace and tranquility of a green space. To breathe. To take a deep breath and relax for a bit. When you spend time just sitting in the beautiful  countryside, your mind and body reap the physical benefits — without even realizing it. Going outside each day is important. Whether you’re sitting in a park or walking in the woods, it’s possible to feel more connected with nature than you ever have before. Try breaking your journey for a fresh cup of coffee, or just sit on the grass and watch your children play in the park, you’ll soon connect back to a calmer you and appreciate what  makes life more beautiful.

Get Social

Spend time with the people who matter to you, such as friends and family. Your friends know what you’re going through as a stressed mom and will be only too willing to help. As for your mom, I’m sure she’d love to come round and see the kids or just catch up with her daughter. Join a group in your local community. Volunteering is a fantastic way to make people happy and reduce stress. It can be an uplifting approach to improve how you feel about your life while also having a significant beneficial impact on the lives of others.

Develop a daily routine that helps you de-stress

You’ve hugged your kids, kissed their cheeks and packed their lunches. You’ve shut the door behind you and exhaled deeply as you walk to your car. Now that they are at school, you feel a sense of relief washing over you. Today, the kids are no longer under your roof but instead in the care of others and you have time to yourself. So start planning things for you to do that will keep you chilled and not stressed. Arrange a phone call to a good friend or your sister everyday- nothing like just having some relaxing gossip time!  Or Take 15 minutes to do some mindful exercises or enjoy a mindful walk somewhere. Meet your fellow mums for lunch or a coffee and compare notes on motherhood- joking!

So to some up 

So in summary,  the best thing you can do to counteract the effects of stress is just to chill out! Find some time for yourself, indulge in your favourite pastime and simply relax. Make sure to take a little time for yourself after you drop your kids off at school – and don’t feel guilty about it. Every hour or two of relaxation will restore your tranquility and replenish your energies, thereby helping you cope better with any stressful situations that come along.