New for Winter ‘22!

November 14, 2022

Stitch just got even more rewarding!

We’ve been listening to our Stitch subscribers. We wanted to know what we could do even better. To make Stitch the best possible partner in supporting users in their journey to mastering their stress responses.

In fact, we’ve been doing a lot more than listening. Our team of tech experts have been working hard in the background. We’re proud to announce that a new version of the app is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

What’s new? Quite a lot, actually….

Stitch, made beautifully simple

Having heard from many users, we’ve continued to refine and simplify the Stitch app. We want to make sure users get the biggest impact possible in the time available. We’ve streamlined the interface to focus users’ efforts on the three core pillars of Stitch.

The three simple steps are intention setting, taking your daily supplement and the evening reflection. There’s still a huge amount of other resources and tools available, so don’t worry. But the new app reflects the focus habit-building which we believe will deliver the best results.

Stitch: rewarding your efforts, celebrating your successes

At Stitch, we want to support our subscribers every step of the way, on good days and more challenging ones. We also want to celebrate and reward your success and determination to master your stress responses. That’s why we’ve created Stitchcoin!

For each core activity, every day, you can earn one Stitchcoin. You can redeem these against discounts for the next month’s subscription or even a 1-2-1 coaching session with one of our fully-qualified coaches! If you complete all three core activities in a day, we’ll even boost your bonus with an extra two coins

Mind, body & app in sync

We can all make better decisions with more information. Knowledge is power. We’ve created a brand new daily body report. This gives Apple Watch users the ability to sync their Healthkit. This generates a daily body report showing what your daily stress triggers were. This helps take the guesswork out of stress, giving users the insight to anticipate stress events and manage their responses even more effectively.

Stitch’s daily Body Report

Stitch has always been about keeping your gut and mind in sync. Now you can also sync with your Apple Watch. Download Apple Healthkit and the data will feed into Stitch, showing you when you felt most stressed. By seeing when you were most stressed, you can start to understand what your triggers are. Knowing what causes your stress can help set even more effective daily intentions, helping you build even better stress response strategies.

Unique rewards, only with Stitch

We know what a positive long-term impact maintaining and building habits can have on stress response management. Like going to the gym, the first time can feel great but the best results only come with a consistent effort. So we want to reward your daily efforts.

Every time you set an intention, log your probiotic or complete a daily reflection, we’ll add one Stitchcoin to your bank. As a daily bonus, every time you complete all three in one day, we’ll add an extra two coins to your account!

Earn 35 Stitchcoins and you can redeem for a $5 discount from next month’s subscription. That’s just completing all 3 daily habits for one week! Or you can save up your balance and keep going…

Earn 90 Stitchpoints and you can book a 1-2-1 coaching session with a fully-qualified expert coach. These guided sessions will support you with intention-setting and reflection, to make even more progress on your journey to mastering stress!

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