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The impossible illusion of control

When we’re feeling stressed, one of the first thoughts for many people is often along the lines of ‘if only I could control X or Y, I’d feel so much calmer’. After all, the quote from the Ancient Roman philosopher Seneca has been around for millenia, so it must be right, right? Wrong.
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The best ways to build resilience and mental strength

Mental robustness is important for success in all areas of our lives, and building resilience can help us achieve more, feel less stress and improve our quality of life.
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Top tips to help stressed moms chill out

The hustle and bustle of modern life often makes it difficult to find the time to relax. If you’re feeling stressed out, anxious or depressed, don’t wait too long to find a way to chill out. This article will teach you ways to relax with some easy methods for managing your stress and taking time...
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Stress Relief @ work

The workplace is a unique environment, and employees who are under stress at work can feel that their jobs are becoming too demanding. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is try to put a stop to your stress right away.
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Are there supplements that help with stress & anxiety?

Stress affects every aspect of our lives. A small amount can be good, but chronic stress will wear us out over time. Understand if your body is getting a healthy response to stress. This is important to keep you healthy and prevent significant threats over time.
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Stress: Fight or Flight

We all know stress but what is a fight or flight stress response. It’s that feeling we get in our stomach when a deadline is looming, our boss is yelling, or things aren’t going to plan.
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5 Tips: A different approach to anxiety relief & management

You don’t have to live with anxiety. There are things you can do to live a life free of worry, fear, and panic.
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How to better manage stress

Many people experience stress and anxiety, but few seek out stress management techniques that work. Many people experience stress and anxiety, but few seek out stress management techniques that work. According to The American Psychological Association (APA)...
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Inspirational stress quotes

When it comes to stress relief we are only human. It may feel cheesy but inspirational quotes for stress can always lift us up and give us positive stress examples.
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Why is breathing so effective at reducing stress

The simple act of breathing in and out might seem like such an insignificant thing in life but it is far from it. The benefits of taking slow deep breaths in and long breaths out are incredible. When you breathe, you increase your oxygen intake, which then fills your lungs and then transfers into…
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